SM-6000EV PLUS, e.Label with Hi-Touch 案例分析:Agrokipiotis Butchery

SM-6000 installation for Athienitis Supermarket

Following the successful installation of SM-6000 for AlphaMega supermarket, the team have recently rolled out the second wave of installations at Athienitis supermarket for Agrokipiotis Butchery. The second outlet is located in the new Nicosia Mall for Agrokipiotis Butchery. The availability of 15” customer display that can support both video and static multimedia have won many customers stamp of approval as they can enjoy short cooking videos and keep updated of promotions while waiting to be served. Some customers have feedback that they appreciate this feature as it “ keeps them entertained while grocery shopping. “

Together with the installation of e.Labels with Hi-Touch at the Meat counter, operators no longer need to memorise products PLU code. They simply tap the e.Label with Hi-Touch to call up the PLU code onto the scale, saving them the hassle to key in PLU code manually into scale. Operators with access rights can also update product pricing and information via the scale. This has greatly reduced the time and manpower required for price updates especially when they launch promotions to encourage customers to purchase more. With IP67 rating for the e.Labels, operators can wash all the tags to maintain the counter’s hygiene.

The breakthrough of using linerless labels allow operators to print labels of varying lengths. It has helped to lower their supermarket’s overall logistic and storage cost.

Another highlight of this installation is the Queue management solution. It has improved the current queue situation in the store tremendously as compared. Customers’ now can opt to collect a queue ticket and shop for other groceries while waiting to be served at the fresh department. Not only did it enhance customers’ overall shopping experience, but it also helps operators to manage the queue situation in the store.


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Company : Agrokipiotis Butchery
Country : Cyprus


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