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SM-6000SSR makes its first inauguration in largest supermarket chains in Italy

PAC2000A, with 1052 associates and 1468 stores in Central and Southern Italy, is the biggest cooperative part of Conad, Italy’s major retail store brand. By developing cooperation between shop owners, their mission is to constantly improve the quality of the service and to keep up with the everchanging customer’s needs.

With the vision of expansion, they opened a new store at Santa Maria Capua Vetere in Caserta last Dec 2019.

The innovative SM-6000SSR self-service scale made its debut and installed at the fruit and vegetable department. This all in one self-contained solution allows to assist customers in weighing the items with the guarantee of simplicity in operations.

At the serve over counter, the motto for operators is convenience: this is guaranteed by electronic labels, e.Label with Hi-Touch technology at the bakery department along with a queue system in place.

Operators no longer need to memorise a PLU code. By tapping the e.Label, the correct item would be called up automatically on the scale, improving the speed for serving the customers.

PAC2000A is very keen on promoting its brands. In-store branding and promotion were done through the attractive customer display on the scales for both SM-6000 and SM-5500 series, but it doesn’t stop there.

“Thanks to DIGI PC-Based and web-oriented system architecture” Fabio Calafato, PAC2000A IT system manager, remarked “we were able to integrate DIGI weighing instruments with other value-added solutions, such as queue management kiosks and multi-channel communication”.

The SM-5500G Hanging scale is equipped with a fully stainless-steel housing, very suitable for a wet working environment like the seafood department.

The elevated ergonomic display allows the operator to perform work consistently on a day to day basis.

Overall, with the inclusion of DIGI solutions, PAC2000A can enhance their in-store productivity and customer experience and take advantage of the latest technologies available in the Retail field.


Business Needs:

  • Improve the quality of the customer service

  • New technology and innovation for store



  • High definition e.Label displays

  • PC based counter and self-service scale with linerless technology

  • Integration between weighing instruments and multi-channel devices such as queue management kiosks



  • Improve on customer experience for faster self-service checkout

  • Fast and accurate PLU call-up

  • Reduce on walkaway for queue management

  • Durable, ergonomic and water-resistant scale at seafood department

  • PC-Based and web-oriented solutions for a smooth integration with other devices and systems



SM-5500G H


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