SM-6000 series 案例分析:Katefidis Stavros

SM-6000 First installation in Greece

Katefidis Stavros, is an independent butcher store, the owner has decided to keep it that way for a good reason. He believes that by keeping the store small and within his family’s reach, they can offer premium products and services.

The owner, staff and customers are on a first-name basis as the owner believes that by having this close relationship, he can build loyalty and continue to prosper from one generation to another.

The installation went seamlessly, integrated into the store with little to no downtime as the owner is an existing user of SM-5500 scale.

One of the most important factors contributing to the success of the installation is the strong relationship between DIGI's global partner, Chronografiki and the customer. The professional services provided lead to the winning formula.

The owner’s find SM-6000 scale appealing and has an interest in the design and especially the display size, orientation and the fact that the pole of the display is on the side of the scale rather than in the middle, assist operator to interact and serve the customer better.

SM-6000’s can be easily integrated with 3rd party software program, scale-management software and through that, all the data was updated and installed instantly.

The introduction of SM-6000 gives an advantage for future add on that work in cohesion with each other, such as DIGI ESL’s for operation efficiency.

SM-6000 is designed to improve daily operation, the system is easily customisable, its seamless integration is always possible in a highly automated industry.

The high-performance scale solutions enhance faster turnover and convenience in-store. There is therefore a great potential for more deployment to be used in numerous industries.

Business Needs:

  • Digitalise business

  • Receipts printing

  • Quick, ergonomic and stylish design scale


  • Integration of software program with SM-6000 PC-based scale



  • PC-Based and web-oriented solutions for a smooth integration with other devices and systems

  • Customisable system improve daily operation

  • High performance scale solutions to enhance fast turnover for customer to avoid long queue





Customer Profile

Company : Katefidis Stavros
Country : Xanthi, Greece


工作时间: 08:45~17:15 (周一 ~ 周五)