RM-6100 AI

RM-6100 AI是一个小型的,用户友好的人工智能秤,可以轻松部署在各种零售场合,为散装和袋装商品提供高效和智能的结算操作。

SM-6000 AI

SM-6000 AI infuses enterprise-grade cognitive intelligence into retailers’ operations, delivering high accuracy and recognition speed for rapid product identification. This Edge computing technology grants high-speed performance and can be easily deployed in various settings such as Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits and Nuts to identify loose and bagged produce. 

RM-5800BS AI

RM-5800BS AI 是一台结构紧凑的,易于使用的自助式人工智能秤,可以轻松部署在各种零售场合,为散装和袋装商品的销售提供高效和人性化的操作,确保消费者无障碍的自助购物体验。  
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